Thursday, 11 September 2014

Buddy Reading

This term we have started our buddy class sessions with Room 8 Year 4 students.  We visit our buddy class every Tuesday afternoon to read books and share ideas with each other. We can't wait till the weather is fine so we can get outside and play games with our buddies!

A Time to be Healthy

WALT: Use the inquiry process to find out what we do to keep ourselves healthy and the reasons why this is important.

What we did: 
1. Brainstormed all our ideas and Miss S wrote them down on a big sheet  of paper
2. Illustrated our ideas and then put our ideas into groups
3. Created questions using Why and How
4. Watched movie clips, carried out experiments and listened to Miss S read books to find information that would answer our questions. 

All our work is displayed in our class corridor. We hope you like it  

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Term 2 Week 6

Welcome to Ethan and Olivia!

This week Sunnyhills School had their Literacy Week celebrations. We were very lucky to have Mrs Medland, who is Brodie's nana, come and read some poetry to us.

We had older buddies come to our class and perform plays and read with us.

On Friday we dressed up as our favourite book character and paraded around the hall.

Thank you to Mrs Withers for the awesome photo!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Term 2 Week 4

Welcome to our new students so far this term! 
Sonia, Carolyn, Timothy, Poppy, Jake, Brodie, Jessica, Emily and Jake have made a great start to their learning at Sunnyhills School. 

As a part of our fitness, Room 12 has being taking daily walks around our school, talking about how to make the right choices in the different places and people we might see there. 
This term's Inquiry focus has been 'Once Upon a Time' Traditional Tales. After listening to stories, we have talked about what messages we can take that will help us make the right choices.  We have enjoyed doing lots of arts and craft activities. We hope you will visit our class and take a look at what we have done. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!


 Room 12 did Easter crafts with their Room 22 buddies. We hope you like our rabbit faces and puff paint eggs.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Term 1 Week 10

Welcome Danielle!

Danielle and her Room 12 friends have been sharing their ideas about Autumn.  They created an Autumn mural using paint, crayon and coloured paper.  The tools they used were their hands, arms and fingers.  We would love it if you visited our classroom to see the finished mural.